K-Devco specializes in creating fast and precise business connections in the African continent for companies around the world. Our connections with the business, public and government levels in Africa help our customers reach their goals by penetrating the African market and doing business.

Africa is one of the largest markets in the world with a great business potential, especially in Technology. But doing business in Africa is not like doing business anywhere else in the world. Doing business in Africa requires a deep understanding of the business environment, decision makers, influencers and tools for success. Penetration of companies to the African continent must be based on a network of appropriate connections at various levels in business, public and government organizations in order to shorten the time-to-market on one hand, and reduce the risks on the other hand.

In order to carry out real business activity in Africa, the company must have a presence in the field, an expert who understands the African business culture, who knows how to create quick connections to suitable customers, has connections and knows the various industries while recognizing the risks and advising on appropriate mitigation plans.

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